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Volumizing Powder

Volumizing Powder

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What is it

  • Joseph Signature Line Volumizing Powder helps provides instant volume and thickness any style. No playing or teasing required after applying this powder because the silica particles increase friction between hair fibers and "bulk up" the hair.


  • Medium high hold, No shine, all matte. 

How to Use

  • Add small amounts to the roots of hair, especially where you want extra volume
  • Smooth in powder with fingers until completely dissolved
  • Add more if need
  • Style as desired


Mulberry Leaf:

  • Aids in production of melanin in the hair allowing the hair to retain it's natural color and prevent premature aging

  • Prevents hair loss and helps to strengthen and regain hair 

Hydrolyzed Silk:

  • Silk is the strongest naturally occurring fiber and when combined it breaks down and creates a barrier around the hair 
  • Contains keratin which makes hair stronger, more elastic and less prone to breakage 
  • Protective barrier retains natural shine and moisture 

Citric Acid

  • Imroves the scalp removing dandruff and increasing the flow of blood, which promotes healthy hair growth.
  • Resists oxidatoin and protects hair from UV radiation damage
  • Removes excess oil from hair without damaging the oil glands
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